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Here be Squirrels

Posted by Anna at 10:57 on Saturday, November 25, 2006
When Beth first showed me her home I was struck by the variety of wildlife in her back garden. As well as the seagulls (this is Bournemouth, after all), pigeons and other birds (I'm no ornithologist, so I couldn't name them!) there is also a very active population of grey squirrels.

Although we often think of greys as vermin, you can't deny that they are very good at what they do. Looked at in that way, their notoriety is simply a result of their own success, and the consequent decline of the red squirrel which they have largely displaced (there is a well protected red squirrel population on nearby Brownsea Island, by the way).

Anyway, for a while I've wanted to catch the little critters on "film" (I use the quotes as digital cameras are ubiquitous these days). Invariably, I'm just too slow or don't have my camera in reach...

Today was different (or maybe the squirrels just felt like putting a show on for me) and I was finally able to catch them "in the act". Although it was a dreary November morning (and therefore I had very little room to manoeuvre with the exposure) I did manage to catch a few shots of them in action, of which my favourite has to be the one on the palm tree on the right. Now is that a cute little pest, or what?

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