Welcome to my online journal, which I started in December 2002 after several very persuasive hints from friends. Although I obviously don't write about everything that happens in my life here, I hope it'll provide an insight into who I am and what's happening in my life - whether good, bad, happy or sad.

I don't have problems with many things...

Posted by Anna at 11:31 on Tuesday, January 30, 2007
...but encouraging gambling is one of them.

It should therefore come as no surprise that I'm rather happy that Bournemouth has today not been chosen as a site for one of New Labour's casinos. Yay!

You've got to feel sorry for the people of Manchester though. WTF were their council thinking???

Bus? What Bus?

Posted by Anna at 22:44 on Monday, January 01, 2007
Although it is New Years Day today (and therefore most sane people will be at home with their families and a hangover) this morning we decided to take a wander into town and see if there was anything happening rather than hanging around at the cottage.

Wisely, we decided not to trust the local buses and drove to the Park and Ride at Askham Bar, where we arrived at about 10:45. The ticket office was shut (not surprising) but the indicator boards showed that the service started at 11am.

That seemed quite promising, and we weren't the only ones to think so - a steady stream of people arrived over the next few minutes, until by 11am there were around 20 or so of us.

The 11am bus never arrived, and the indicator dutifully showed that the next one was 11:10am. That didn't arrive either. By this time we were beginning to suspect someone had made a boo-boo. An attempt to call the contact number listed at the stop (not surprisingly) failed, and by 11:30 everybody had started to drift away.

On the off chance that something was happening in town we drove in to have a look around. With everything being (apparently) shut, there was nothing left but to drive back to the cottage and snuggle up in front of the fire (ok, I admit it - I did do some work as well).

Oh and all the chippies seemed to be closed in the evening too. Fortunately, we really enjoy cooking for ourselves. A chilled day.