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Homophobia is alive and well and living in Eastern Europe

Posted by Anna at 05:35 on Tuesday, May 29, 2007
The violence that exploded at Moscow Pride on Sunday should come as little surprise to any LGBT people who have followed events in Eastern Europe recently. Over the last year the Pink Paper has regularly carried stories highlighting institutional homophobia and transphobia in the region - something by and large ignored by the mainstream media.

However, the shocking events of Sunday underline how far Eastern Europe has to go before it catches up with the more established European nations in respect for fundamental human rights for LGBT people. In many ways the region is back in the stone age, with homophobia and transphobia being rife. Those who attend a Pride event in the region are brave souls indeed - and yet, they do - regularly facing abuse, violence and worst.

It is pretty shameful that a so-called "modern democracy" and member of the Council of Europe should allow such events to occur, and (worse still) allows its security forces to contribute to them.

That will change in time, as it has in the West. As we in Bournemouth prepare for our Pride celebration on 14th July (one which has real backing from the local council, people and police), we would do well to remember our Eastern European cousins who still face the sort of persecution and abuse that this country has now - by and large - left behind.

Events such as those just witnessed on Sunday remind us there is never no room for complacancy - and that is why Pride is so important.

Legends is gone

Posted by Anna at 19:56 on Sunday, May 20, 2007
Sometimes the picture says it all.

The message Beth spotted in the doorway at Legends when she was in town today

Legends was one of our favourite haunts in town (where else can I get a chocolate orange milkshake now...?), and this news comes as a bit of a shock - we simply had no idea it was about to close.

Oh well - it was good when it lasted!