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We're going to the FlugTag

Posted by Anna at 12:30 on Monday, April 21, 2008
Five years ago I (entirely by accident) stumbled onto TV coverage of the Red Bull Flugtag in Hyde Park. If you don't know of the event it's a kind of "Wacky Races meets It's A Knockout" sort of thing - take a bunch of teams and give them a chance to fly their own quirky homemade flying machines off a large ramp over the Serpentine in Hyde Park. The result? Absolute hillarity and a lot of wet competitors.

I saw some of the highlights of the first event on TV a few years ago ( I seem to remember at least one team going over the edge with a piano!) and didn't stop laughing the whole way though, so applying for tickets for this (the second event in the UK) on 7th June was a no-brainer.

Beth and I have just received our (free!!) tickets:

The 2nd Red Bull Flugtag - Saturday 7th June in Hyde Park

I've been browsing their site to see what's one there - and some of the teams look very, very silly, for example:

  • "Extreme Trifle" - a flying trifle, constructed from "wood, polystyrene with a hint of jelly, a dollop of custard and a sprinkling of hundreds and thousands."

  • "ICBM" (Intercontinental Ballistic Morons) - a red double-decker London Bus with wings and "Air Bus" written on the side.

  • "Tarbis" - A Doctor Who tribute outfit, complete with Tardis, Davros and a Cyberman.

  • "Bad Habits" - 4 nuns breakdancing to Run DMC's "It's like that", while preparing to launch the Mother Nun.

  • "The Vulture Squadron" - Dick Dastardly and his long suffering sidekick Muttley are back!

  • "The Mary Poppins Fan Club" - this one involves a nanny and lots of umbrellas...

  • "Team Flying Anvil" - I suspect this one comes with a Wylie Coyote.

  • "Pharoah's Phantasy" - A papier mache and chicken wire flying Sphinx.

  • "The A-Team 2008" - A black van and lots of machine guns. But will it fly...?
It should be a fun day. I'll be grinning madly somewhere in the north arena if you happen to be there.

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