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It seems to be an unwritten rule on the web that every T-Girl should have an online photo album, and I guess I'm no exception. For me it was not so much to do with vanity, but rather with proving to myself that I could actually do it.

If you are in a similar position to me and are despairing about "passing", I hope these photos will prove it's not as far off of a dream as you think. Even before facial feminisation surgery I didn't have any significant problems, despite my face not seeming female to me - at best it was androgynous then.

Please note that these photo galleries have not yet been updated to use the new site theme - so you'll still have to put up with the old cruddy one.





The first pictures of me in role that I dare show to anyone. Taken on a couple of weekends in late July/early August 2002


Pictures from my holiday in August 2002 when I went full time for a whole week.


A few pictures of our dog Tyghe.


In October 2002 I was invited to my first girls' night out. These pics tell the story.





In February 2003 I met up with a bunch of old friends at a pub near Reading. I haven't seen them for 5 years and I'm very happy to be back in touch again.


In May 2003 I visited my friend Kazzy (we met through the Yahoo TS-UK group) and we had a rather memorable and fun weekend...


In July 2003 I went back to Tewkesbury Medieval Fayre for the first time since July 1997 (a week after I got married). I'm very glad I did


In early August 2003, I met up with a group of friends to visit Trans-MISSION (a transgender club in London). These pictures are dedicated to the memory of Debbie Fox, who was with us that night but tragically passed away several weeks later.





In January 2004 I returned to Thailand for my Facial Feminisation Surgery. These are just a selection of the many pictures I took on that trip.