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Trans Stuff

There is now an incredible amount of support information for trans people on the web these days - the tricky bit is finding what you need amongst it all.

Just to muddy the waters still further, here's a few musings about my own experiences and some of the issues I've run into - and how I've coped with them. I hope you find them useful.

    My Story
    My own story - how I become the person I am now, and what I encountered along the way.

    Gender Tests
    The results of the online gender tests I took on 4th August 2001 which led me to accept that I was likely to be transsexual.

    Talking About It
    Some thoughts about talking to friends, family and colleagues about your feelings. This page includes the letter I wrote to my parents back in February 2002.

    A brief overview of the medical treatment available for trans women, including details of my own treatment and transition.

    My First "Outing"
    An account of my holiday in August 2002, when I was able to go full time for a full week. It proved to be a well needed confidence boost, and an affirmation that I could get through this.

    An Appointment with a Gender Psychiatrist
    An account of a trip up to London for my second consultation with Russell Reid at the London Institute.

    Reassignment Surgery
    An account of my reassignment surgery with the Suporn Clinic in Thailand on 14th November 2003.

    Facial Feminisation Surgery
    An account of my Facial Feminisation Surgery with the Suporn Clinic in Thailand on 21st January 2004.

    A selection of photos taken around the time of my transition.